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Children's Literature: Children's Literature Research Books

This is the research guide for Children's Literature.

Author Information

Ref PN 451 S6                       Something About the Author

Ref PN 1009 A1 D45              Third Book of Junior Authors

Ref PN 1009 A1 F6                Fourth Book of Junior Authors

Ref PN 1009 A1 F8                More Junior Authors

Ref PN 1009 A1 H58              Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books

Ref PN 1009 A1 K8 1951        Junior Book of Authors

Ref PN 1009 A1 L3x               Children's Authors and Illustrators: An Index....

Ref PN 1009 A1 T9 1983         Twentieth Century Children's Writers

General Reference Sources

Indexes AP 2 N658         New York Times Book Review (1905- Present)

Ref PN 1008.5 C37          Oxford Companion to Children's Literature  

Ref PN 1009 A1....           Various Bibliographies (many annotated)

Ref PN 1009 A1 M37        Masterworks of Children's Literature (9 vol set)

ef PN 1009 A1 S879         Children and Books

Ref PN 1009 A1 R8          Children's Literature

Ref PN 1023 B723            Index to Poetry for Children and Young People

Ref PN 3448 D4 E5          Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection

Ref PN 3448 S45             Anatomy of Wonder: Critical Guide to Sci- Fi

Ref Z 658 U5 D69 2001     Banned Books Resource Guide

Ref Z 658 U5 K35             100 Banned Books

Ref Z 1035 A1 B6             Book Review Index (1965- Present)

Ref Z 1037 A1 C56           Children's Literature Review (1976 – Present)

Ref Z 1219 C95                Book Review Digest (1905- Present)



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