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Children's Literature: Picture Books

This is the research guide for Children's Literature.


Picture Books are books in which the pictures are as important as the text or only consist of picture which when put together tell the story.  This is a genre based on a physical format, so it can contain titles from many of the other genres.  It includes picture books, illustrated storybooks, wordless storybooks, concept books, and informational books.  In picture books, both text and illustration are fused together, to provide more than either can do alone (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts). Illustrated story books are different from picture books in that the text can stand alone and the illustrations are secondary to the text, yet complements the text. These books are generally up to 48 pages in length.

Frequently Found Elements

•The story depends upon the pictures.

•Wordless picture books contain few or no words as the pictures tell the story


Author to Explore

Paullette Bourgeois   ♦Eric Carle   ♦Julie Lawson   ♦Jeanne Baker    ♦Chris van Allsburg              ♦Aaron Becker  ♦Arthur Geisert   ♦Barbara Lehman

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