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Children's Literature: Traditional Literature

This is the research guide for Children's Literature.

Folk Literature Defined

Folklore is born from the oral tradition, passed down for generations, and usually are linked not to an original author but a culture. They are published under the name of the story collector such as Grimm Brothers, Charles Perrault, Joseph Jacobs, Bashevis.

Fairy Tales are stories with magical creatures written for children. Twisted or Fractured Fairy Tales is  the traditional tale but told with a twist. 

Tall Tales are stories set in more modern times that over exaggerate facts. They can be based on a person who actually lived but the story has elements that are over exaggerated. 

Legends are stories, usually of a national or folk hero, which are both based in fact but also include imaginative material. 

Mythslegend or traditional narrative, are often based on historical events, explain human behavior or natural phenomena.

Fables are narration demonstrating a useful truth and teaching morals or lessons. 

Frequently Found Elements

  •Narrative story handed down within a culture

  • Typically involve trickery

  •Can explain how an occurrence in nature came to be through a fantastic tale

  •Can also be written to teach a lesson to children 

Authors to Explore

Brothers Grimm  ♦ Steven Kellogg  ♦Celia Lottridge ♦James Marshall   ♦Jon Scieszka      ♦Jane Yolen   ♦Paul Zelinsky     

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