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Children's Literature: Non Fiction

This is the research guide for Children's Literature.


 Non-Fiction (Informational Books) are designed to help readers learn more about real things.  They provide young readers information without the literary devises common to fiction.  

Frequently Found Elements

 ⇒ accurate, verifiable, and current information

⇒clearly organized

⇒ and include illustrations when needed.  

Non-Fiction Sub-Genres

Concept books, Photo documentaries, Narrative texts, How-to books, Question and answer books,

 field guides/identification books, survey books, concept books and life-cycle books.

Recommended Reading Lists

How to Find in the Muntz Library

Dewey Decimal Breakdown

300-320- Civil Rights/Politics/Social Groups

500-570- Math


700- Art/crafts

813- Autobiographies

900- Geography/ history/ biography

Book Review Sources

For the Dewey area books, you must rely on book reviews to determine the reading level of the book. The book reviews you should rely on are Scholastic Book Wizard or School Library Journal.

To access SLJ, you can use SwoopSearch or our database Academic Search Complete which has School Library Journal from 1970-Present.  SwoopSearch---Advanced Search---   See Below 

If you need to include the author's last name, leave it as "Select a Field".

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