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Children's Literature: Historical Fiction

This is the research guide for Children's Literature.


HISTORICAL REALISTIC FICTION is a story that can actually happen and is true to life but also either takes place in a historical setting or attaches itself to an event in history. 

Frequently Found Elements

•May be based upon dates, people, or events that really happened.

• Major historical event may be an essential.

• Accuracy of the historical detail is evident.

• May include author notes on research.

• Categories of historical fiction are based upon the time period or historical era.

• Characters and time periods are lifelike.

• Conflict allows children to compare the past with the present in order to better understand our world.

Authors to Explore

♦Lois Lowry   ♦Joyce Hansen

♦Christopher Paul Curtis

♦Eugene Yelchin   ♦Ruth White

♦Mary Ann Rodman  ♦Nathan Hale

 ♦Rosemary Wells

 ♦Carolyn Meyer

 ♦Joan Wolf    ♦Elizabeth Winthrop

 ♦Lea Wait  ♦Jacqueline Woodson

Book Examples in the Library

Subject Guide

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How to Find in the Library

⇒Go to library homepage

⇒Scroll down and click on LIBRARY CATALOG

⇒Scroll down to the limit list and select the area you want to limit to: CML Easy Fiction (PreK-2nd grade), CML Juvenile Fiction (3rd -5th  grade), CML Adolescent  Fiction ( 6th-8th grade), CML Young Adult Fiction (9th-12th grade)

⇒Now select search.

⇒Write down the call number, title, and location (i.e. CML EZ, JUV, ADOL,  YA or Dewey)

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