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Connecting from Off Campus/Open Athens

You can use all these wonderful library resources even if you're not on campus!

Common Issues

Common Issues

While we do our best to keep up with links and connections, there are occasional errors that happen. Below are some of the most common, with tips to troubleshoot. Of course, please contact us if you're having any problems!

Bad Request

An exclamation point in a grey circle beside the text Bad Request. Further text reads, "The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. For assistance please contact your organisation administrator.

This is a link error on our part. Contact your librarian to have the link fixed. Often it just means a space was entered before the link and we can fix that quickly!

Invalid password/Account locked

Obviously this could be an actual input error on your part, but we have seen this more often when folks have a Microsoft identity with another institution. For instance, you work for a company or a school that uses Microsoft to log you into your work computer, email, etc. It's sometimes hard to log out of those accounts, but you should be able to Add an institution or use an incognito browser to bypass that account and use your UT Tyler credentials.


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