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Connecting from Off Campus/Open Athens

You can use all these wonderful library resources even if you're not on campus!

Still Having Trouble?

If you're stuck trying to get to one of our electronic resources, please reach out to the library! There are some items you can provide to help us trouble shoot:

  1. Where did you click that prompted the error (A link from SwoopSearch? Our Database A-Z list? A link from a syllabus?)
  2. What is the text of the error message? Copying and pasting or taking a screen shot can help. Include the URL.
  3. Have you been able to get into library resources before, or is this your first time trying?
  4. Are you able to log into other UT Tyler services, like Canvas or your email?

The library offers help in person, but also through email, chat, or over the phone. We also can do a Zoom or Teams call so you can share your screen and we can see the error as it's happening. 

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