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Systematic Reviews & Evidence Synthesis Guide

Welcome to this guide on systematic reviews on evidence synthesis! The information in this guide should not be considered a substitute for existing protocols which contain prescriptive road maps for your review process.

About Covidence

Covidence is an online tool that streamlines the literature review process for researchers and their teams. Whether you are undertaking a systematic review, scoping review, or evidence gap map, with Covidence you can:

  • invite collaborators to your review team.
  • import citations.
  • collaboratively screen titles, abstracts, and full text articles.
  • perform data extraction.
  • assess risk of bias (for systematic reviews).
  • export your data.

Covidence Resources

To request a UT Tyler affiliated Covidence account, please complete the
Systematic Review Service Request Form below. 

(No form is needed for free trials. Use the "Information on Free Trial Plans" link above.) 

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