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Searching Individual Journals

Searching databases is the recommended strategy for finding information on a topic. Its the most efficient way of rapidly gathering citations because it simultaneously covers thousands of journals at one time.

There are some occasions when you might need to search a single journal:

Tracking down the full text of an article,

Determining a journal's subscription status in Muntz Library's collection,

Chasing down a partial (fugitive) citation.

When you do, here are the resources to consult is Journals by Title/Browzine.  

Journals by Title search is the go-to tool for confirming a journal's subscription status or the availability of journal full text from the Muntz Library.


Navigate to Journals by Title, by clicking its link in the footer beneath SwoopSearch,

In the Browzine search box, enter and search for the journal you seek...


a) by title or 8-digit International Standard Serial Number (if looking for a specific journal),

b) by subject if you know the discipline but not the specific identifiers of your journal

If the journal has available holdings, its title will appear in the Results display


Clicking the link will display available holdings.


Browzine displays full text availability information by date of publication, volume and issue number.


Clicking the link will open the selected database, displaying only the volumes of the journal you seek. 

From here you can use your citation data to locate and download the article.

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