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EDUC 5301/ 5302

Research Design

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Qualitative Inquiry

Qualitative Psychology

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research in Psychology

Qualitative Research Journal

Qualitative Research in Education

Journal of ethnographic and qualitative research


Journal of applied quantitative methods

Mixed Methods

Journal of Mixed Methods Research

Education Research

Administrative Issues Journal: Education, Practice & Research

American Educational Research Journal

Education policy analysis archives

Educational Research

Educational Research and Reviews

Educational Researcher

Educational Research Quarterly

International Journal of Early Childhood Education Research

International Journal of Educational Research

Issues in Educational Research

Journal of Educational Research

Journal of Educational Research and Policy Studies

Journal of Educational Research and Practice

Journal of Planning Education and Research

Journal of Research in Childhood Education

Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs

Journal of Research on Leadership Education

Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs 

Review of Educational Research

Theory and Research in Education

Theory and Research in Social Education

 Journal of School Public Relations


Specific Resources

SAGE Research Methods


Researcher Academy


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