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HIST 4379: Antebellum America ("The Age of Jackson")

Primary Sources

"A primary source is firsthand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation.  The nature and value of a source cannot be determined without reference to the topic and questions it is meant to answer.  The same document, or other piece of evidence, may be a primary source in one investigation and secondary in another.  The search for primary sources does not, therefore, automatically include or exclude any category of records or documents."  (Yale University Library)


Primary sources may include diaries, letters, speeches, interviews, autobiographies, personal narratives, eyewitness accounts, memoirs, or government documents.  They may be published or unpublished, printed or handwritten, on microfilm or fiche or online.

Off-Campus Access

While some resources in this guide are available to all researchers, most databases have access restrictions that require you to be a current UT Tyler student, faculty member, or staff member.   Instructions for logging in will appear when you click on a database.

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