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Undergraduate Kinesiology and Health Studies Research Guide: APA Style


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ISBN: 9781433805592

Publication Date: 2009

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Tyler Main Campus Library, Longview & Palestine Regional Campuses.

APA Style Simplified

Call Number: BF76.7 .B447 2012 

ISBN: 9781118289099

Publication Date: 2012

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Basic Citation Guidelines - Common Sources

These are basic guidelines to citing sources for your works cited page using APA style.

If you need to cite a different type of source, see the APA style guide in the Reference area of the library (2nd floor) or use one of the links listed on the right.


Rayfield, S., & Manning, L. (1997). Nursing made insanely easy! (2nd ed.). Shreveport,
        LA: I CAN Publishing.

Note: Only put an edition number if you are using an edition older than the first.

Book with an Editors Instead of Authors

Gunter, S., & Mendenhall, M. (Eds.). (2005). Mergers and acquisitions: Managing culture
        and human resources. Stanford, CA: Stanford Business Books.  

Journal article read in print or from a database, no doi assigned

McCollin, M., O'Shea, D., & McQuiston, K. (2010). Improving vocabulary and
       comprehension skills of secondary-level students from diverse backgrounds.
       Preventing School Failure
, 54(2), 133-136.

Journal article, with doi

Lindhout, P., & Ale, B. (2009). Language issues, an underestimated danger in major
       hazard control? Journal of Hazardous Materials, 172(1), 247-255.

Note: For more information on DOI numbers see the box below or refer to the APA Style Manual, 6th Edition.


Journal article without doi

Edberg, A. (2000).  Assessment by nurses of mood, general behaviour and functional ability in patients with dementia receiving nursing home care. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 14(1), 52-61. Retrieved from           direct=true&db=rzh&AN=2000052538&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Note: For more information on DOI numbers see the box below or refer to the APA Style Manual, 6th Edition.

Journal article with three to seven authors

Moeller, B. J., Rana, V., Cannon, B. A., Williams, M. D., Sturgis, E. M., Ginsberg, L. E., & Schwartz, D. L. (2010). Prospective imaging assessment of mortality risk after head-and-neck radiotherapy. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 78(3), 667-674. 

Dissertation from a database

Ogas, O. (2009). A superclass-priming neural architecture for visual classification
       (Doctoral dissertation, Boston University). Retrieved from Proquest Digital
       Dissertations. (AAT 3363630).


Basic Format:

Author, A. (date of publication). Title of page/website. Retrieved  [date]  from http://web

If the page has no author, move the title of the website to the beginning. If it has no date, use (n.d.).


Hutchinson, J. (n.d.). Who Killed the Dinosaurs? Retrieved December 11, 2009, from
       University of California Museum of Paleontology website, http://www.ucmp.

Citing Electronic Journal Articles with DOIs

APA 6 Style Rule for DOI

When citing electronic journal articles, APA style requires the inclusion of the DOI, if it is available (see example below).

What it is:

A DOI is a unique "digital object identifier" that is permanently attached to a specific article. It is a cross of numbers and letters, and always begins with a "10."

When & How to Cite a DOI:

If a DOI is available for an article being cited, it must be included (as the final element, without a full stop/period) in the reference.

When used, the DOI replaces an article's URL in the reference.

Neither the URL nor an access date are included when the DOI is used in a reference.



Locating the DOI

You can find the DOI either...

1) in the database record (there will be a field in the article record that says "DOI") or

2) on the first page of the article, usually near the copyright information.

No Apparent DOI?

If you don't see a DOI in the online article information or printout, you can query it's DOI status by clicking and entering in your citation information.

Further Info

For more information, consult the APA Style Manual. The APA website also has a helpful video tutorial on finding DOIs.

Creating an APA Research Paper