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Doctorate in Nursing Research Guide: Home

New Nursing Guide!

                     NEW & UPDATED!                   

There is a new Nursing Guide

This new Guide, designed to cover available resources applicable to all levels of study, 
will take the place of the current "Doctorate in Nursing Research Guide"
(which is no longer being updated and will soon be taken down). 



Welcome to the Doctorate in Nursing Resources Guide.

This guide is a one-stop location for the most important Muntz Library resources for doctorate level nursing research. 

Use the links in this guide to navigate to relevant databases and other tools for your research.

Library information

General Contacts

Muntz Library

University of Texas at Tyler

3900 University Blvd.

Tyler, TX 75799

     Circulation P: 903-566-7342

     Reference P: 903-566-7343


Web: Library Website 

Mobile Web: Library Mobile Site

Library Hours

Fall/Spring Semesters 

Monday 7:30am-Midnight

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Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 1pm-Midnight

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Quick Guide Rundown

Here is some of what you'll find in this guide:

Databases - links to scholarly literature databases.

Books - links to search engines to find books & other monographic works.

EBP - links to evidence based practice databases and search engines.

APA - APA 6 citation example page with links to other formatting resources.

Tutorials - video tutorials on database searching & other aspects of research.

Remote Access - tips for navigating off campus access & resolving problems.

Links Code Key

Coded Links

The navigational links in this guide are coded to differentiate between resource and instructional links.

Resource Links (Blue) - navigate to databases, search engines, web pages and other electronic resource media. 

Instruction Links (Red) - navigate to informational pdf pages that provide instructional information about literature searching and  databases.

Note: If you are already a seasoned researcher or learn best by trial and error, the blue links will take you directly to the resources and get you started. 

Research Consultations

Need research assistance? 

Let me help you...

 find the right databases to search,

learn to search databases more effectively,

refine your search strategy (brainstorm ideas, define & narrow a topic, or refine a PICO),

locate behavioral instruments, & more.

Flexible Appointment Options 

I'm available for appointments face to face, by telephone, video conference (Zoom or Skype), or through email correspondence. 

Sending an Appointment Request

To set an appointment, send me an email including the following:

1) Two or three proposed days & times,

2) a brief description of the research topic (PICO optimal), and

3) any other relevant information pertaining to the topic, e.g.: 

a. search terms used,

b. databases already searched,

c. what you've found/haven't found,

d. what you need to find, etc.

Send your request to:

Reference Librarian

Suzanne Abbey

Comments or Suggestions

Help improve this guide!

If you have a suggestion for improving the presentation of this guide or adding a resource, send me an email and let me know: