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Resources for nursing students/faculty.

New Nursing Guide!

                     NEW & UPDATED!                   

There is a new Nursing Guide

This new Guide, designed to cover available resources applicable to all levels of study, 
will take the place of the current "Undergraduate Nursing Guide"
(which is no longer being updated and will soon be taken down). 

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About This Guide...


This guide is a one-stop location for core Muntz Library resources supporting undergraduate level nursing research.

The links in this guide navigate to relevant databases and other research tools, as well as important library service pages and tips for getting started with your searching.

Navigational Key

The navigational links in this guide are coded to differentiate resource links from document links.

Resource Links (Blue) - navigate to databases, search engines, web pages and other electronic resource media.¹ 

Document Links (Red) - navigate to informational pdf pages that provide instructional information about literature searching and  databases.


¹ If you are already a seasoned researcher or learn best by trial and error, the blue links will take you directly to the resources and get you started. 

Need Research Assistance?

Help is Available

If you need help with your nursing library research, Suzanne Abbey is your Nursing Librarian.

She is available for face to face, online, or telephone consultation by appointment.

To arrange a consultation, please contact her by email:

Reference Librarian

Suzanne Abbey