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Research guide for Marketing and Management.


Hello! Welcome to the Marketing research guide at Muntz Library.

This guide is designed to inform you about resources for your studies in all aspects of marketing

Please be aware that some links in this guide will link out to other Research Guides, databases, and other Internet sources in new browser tabs.

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Quick Guide Rundown

Here is some of what you'll find in this guide:

Databases - How to search for articles, Access to databases, List of best journals

Books - How to search for books, How to use ebooks

Web Resources - Lists of websites, How to evaluate websites

Industries - How to search for industry information and resources

Companies - How to search for company information and resources

Additional Resources - Citation guide, How to use interlibrary loan

For Faculty - Library services for faculty

What is marketing?

In general, marketing refers to the study and practice of promoting the benefits of a product or service. The benefits may be real or imagined, but the fundamental idea remains the same--to communicate to individuals and groups the value of a product or service.

Advertisement plays a significant role in marketing. Through advertising, consumers become aware of a product or service. How the product or service is marketed and advertised can determine whether or not customers will buy it.

People in marketing must learn to whom they should advertise (i.e., market segmentation), what they should advertise (i.e., types of products and services), when are the optimal times to advertise (e.g., morning, night, summer, winter, 1Q, 2Q, during a recession, etc.), why advertising is necessary (i.e., what is it that needs to be done to get sales), and how to design and implement the best advertising strategies possible.

Successful marketing is based on market research, planning, and strategy.

Need an appointment?

If you'd like to set up an appointment with me to talk about your assignments, send me an e-mail. Let me know what the assignment is about, what research you've done thus far, and any other related information.

I will be glad to help you with using the databases, looking for books, brainstorming ideas, citing sources, and related tasks. However, I can't help you write your paper, do your statistics, or complete any of your homework assignments.

For writing help, you can contact the Writing Center. For statistics tutoring, you can contact the Department of Mathematics.

Remember, any of the Reference staff at our library can assist you with the basics of research help, but if you need assistance with psychology specifically, please feel free to let me know!