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Engineering: ENGR1201

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Sample References and Outline of the Cotton Gin Research Paper

This document shows how the research process can take place for a topic. A first outline is also included.


• The reference list needs to be in ACS format. This book shows what you need to write this paper. Chapter 11 contains examples, especially pages 292-293.

                                  This method requires manual entry.

• Citation managers can be used to create reference lists. BUT...always check it with the manual. Citation managers are always wrong. 



Journal Name Abbreviation

Journal (magazine) names must be an abbreviation. The CASSI tool makes the correct abbreviation.

If the journal name is not available, select one that close to name and eliminate any words that are not needed.


The Journal of Environmental Engineering is not on CASSI. Find a journal title that has most of the words. 

Publication Title Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

The abbreviated title is: 

Abbreviated Title

J. Environ. Chem. Eng.

So, the journal in the reference list will be: J. Environ. Eng.