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Fall 2017 Education Newsletter: New Resources

New Guides

New Guides:

New Guides

Scholarly Communication

A guide to issues in scholarly communication, including publishing, open access, copyright, and author rights.


Your guide to what's happening and what's showing at Robert R. Muntz Library

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New Databases

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New Print Books - History

New Print Books - Education: 

New Print Books

Campus Speech in Crisis: What the Yale Experience Can Teach America

LC 72.2 .C33 2016

Fighting for Change in Your School: How to Avoid Fads and Focus on Substance

LB 2822.8 .A62 2017

The Coach Approach to School Leadership: Leading Teachers to Higher Levels of Effectiveness

LB 2805 .J645 2017

Unsafe in the Ivory Tower: The Sexual Victimization of College Women

Leading an Inclusive School: Access and Success for ALL Students

LC 1200 .V55 2017

The Learning Landscape: Perspectives of School Principals on Education

LA 1151 .L38 2015

The Power of Conversation: Transforming Principals into Great Leaders

LB 2831.9 .K65 2017

Professional Standards for Educational Leaders: The Empirical, Moral, and Experiential Foundations

LB 2831.92 .M87 2017

Breakthrough Principals: : A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Stronger Schools

LB 2831.92 .D47 2016

The Together Leader: Get Organized for Your Success and Sanity

HD 66 .H495 2016

Get Better Faster: A 90-day Plan for Coaching New Teachers

LB 2844.1 .N4 B29 2016

Fall Down, Stand Up: Advice for Aspiring Principals. 2nd ed.

LB 2831.92 .T45 2016

Professional Learning in Action: An Inquiry Approach to Teachers of Literacy

LB 2844.1 .R4 R57 2016

Getting MORE Excited about USING Data

LB 2846 .H56 2017

Safe and Secure Schools (Facilitator's Guide + DVD)

LB 2864.5 .B784 2016

Difficult Students and Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

LB 3013 .A87 2016

Don't Suspend Me! An Alternative Discipline Toolkit

LB 3025 .D53 2017

How to Make Decisions with Different Kinds of Student Assessment Data

LB 3051 .B7288 2016

Meeting the Challenges to Measurement in an Era of Accountability

LB 3051 .M4634 2016

How to Differentiate Instruction in Academically Diverse Classrooms, 3rd Edition

LB 3061.3 .T65 2017

School-Centered Interventions: Evidence-Based Strategies for Social, Emotional, and Academic Success

LB 3430 .S452 2016

Achieving College Dreams: How a University-Charter District Partnership Created an Early College High School

LC 58.5 .C35 A44 2016

Literacy Leadership in Changing Schools: 10 Keys to Successful Professional Development

LC 151 .W36 2016

Solving Disproportionality and Achieving Equity: A Leader's Guide to Using Data to Change Hearts and Minds

LC 213.2 .F45 2017

Authentically Engaged Families: A Collaborative Care Framework for Student Success

LC 225.3 .D39 2016

Cracks in the School Yard: Confronting Latino Educational Inequality

LC 2669 .C73 2016

Cultivating Racial and Linguistic Diversity in Literacy Teacher Education: Teachers Like Me

LC 2782 .H34 2016

Teaching Emergent Bilingual Students: Flexible Approaches in an Era of New Standards

LC 3731 .T385 2016

Enacting Change from Within: Disability Studies Meets Teaching and Teacher Education

LC 4031 .E58 2016

Quiet at School: An Educator's Guide to Shy Children

LC 4065 .C67 2016

High Expectations Teaching: How We Persuade Students to Believe and Act on "Smart is Something You Can Get"

LC 4661 .S167 2017

Serving Students Who Are Homeless: A Resource Guide for Schools, Districts, and Educational Leaders

LC 5144.2 .H36 2017

Go Be a Writer! Expanding the Curricular Boundaries of Literacy Learning with Children

LB 1576 .K793 2016

Inclusive Literacy Teaching: Differentiating Approaches in Multilingual Elementary Classrooms

LB 1576 .H3335 2016

Literacy Learning Clubs in Grades 4-8: Engaging Students Across the Disciplines

LB 1576 .C317958 2017

Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading

LB 1576 .B423 2013

Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School

Grammar to Get Things Done: A Practical Guide for Teachers Anchored in Real-World Usage

LB 1631 .C775 2017

STEM-Infusing the Elementary Classroom

LB 1592 .R43 2016

STEAM Makers: Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Elementary Classroom

LB 1592 .M36 2016

Teaching Controversial Issues: The Case for Critical Thinking and Moral Commitment in the Classroom

LB 1590.3 .N64 2017

RESULTS Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change

LB 2805 .K44 2017

Renegade Leadership: Creating Innovative Schools for Digital-Age Students

LB 2806 .G859 2017

Shaping School Culture. 3rd ed.

LB 2805 .D34 2016

From Power Struggles to Conflict Resolution: Transform Your School's Culture Today

LB 2805 .C333 2016

Leverage Leadership: A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools

LB 2805 .B245 2012

Releasing Leadership Brilliance: Breaking Sound Barriers in Education

LB 2805 .B167 2017

Hacking Leadership: 10 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Learning that Teachers, Students, and Parents Love

LB 2831.92 .S36 2016

Principal Voice: Listen, Learn, Lead

LB 2831.92 .Q34 2016

Beginning the Principalship: A Practical Guide for New School Leaders. 4th ed.

LB 2831.92 .D37 2016

Leading with Resolve and Mastery: Competency-Based Strategies for Superintendent Success

LB 2831.72 .W54 2017

Standards-Based Leadership: A Case Study Book for the Superintendency. 2nd ed.

LB 2831.72 .L69 2016

Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era

LB 2822.82 .W346 2016

Balanced Assessment Systems: Leadership, Quality, and the Role of Classroom Assessment

LB 2822.75 C456 2017

Charter Schools at the Crossroads: Predicaments, Paradoxes, Possibilities

LB 2806.36 .F56 2016

Mindfulness: How School Leaders Can Reduce Stress and Thrive on the Job

LB 2806 .W424 2016

A Guide to Teaching in the Active Learning Classroom: History, Research, and Practice

LB 1027.23 .B34 2016

School Choice: The End of Public Education?

LB 1027.9 .S324 2016

Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom

LB 1025.3 .M33736 2013

Doing Research in Education: Theory and Practice

LB 1028 .D594 2016

Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions

LB 1027.44 .R68 2011

Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding

LB 1027.44 .M38 2013

Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level

LB 1027.23 .W48 2014

Project-Based Learning Across the Disciplines: Plan, Manage, and Assess Through +1 Pedagogy

LB 1027.43 .W37 2016

Learn Like a Pirate: Empower Your Students to Collaborate, Lead, and Succeed

LB 1027.23 .S585 2015

How to Personalize Learning: A Practical Guide for Getting Started and Going Deeper

LB 1027.23 .B728 2017

Leading School Teams: Building Trust to Promote Student Learning

LB 1029 .T4 H67 2017

Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools

LB 1028.5 .H66 2015

Research Methods for Pedagogy

LB 1028 .N55 2016

Introduction to Educational Research

LB 1028 .M47 2016

An Introduction to Educational Research: Connecting Methods to Practice

LB 1028 .L5827 2017

Doing Case Study Research: A Practical Guide for Beginning Researchers. 3rd ed.

LB 1028 .H313 2017

Quantitative Research in Education: A Primer. 2nd ed.

LB 1028 .H69 2016

First Things First! Creating the New American Primary School

LB 1507 .T34 2016

How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character

LB 1139.25 .T68 2012

STEM Learning with Young Children

LB 1139.5 .S35 C68 2016

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

LB 1060 .B768 2014

Adolescents' Online Literacies: Connecting Classrooms, Digital Media, and Popular Culture

LB 1044.87 .A35 2016

Hard Conversations Unpacked: The Whos, the Whens, and the What-Ifs

LB 1033.5 .A274 2016

Every Young Child a Reader: Using Marie Clay's Key Concepts for Classroom Instruction

LB 1031 .G534 2016

Argument-Driven Inquiry in Chemistry: Lab Investigations for Grades 9-12

QD 43 .S16 2014

Developing Fractions Knowledge

QA137 .H33 2016

Mine the Gap for Mathematical Understanding, Grades 3-5

QA135.6 .S258 2017

Math + Art = Fun

QA19 .A78 W36 2011

Arguing from Evidence in Middle School Science: 24 Activities for Productive Talk and Deeper Learning

Q 181 .O828 2017

Learning Science by Doing Science: 10 Classic Investigations Reimagined to Teach Kids How Science Really Works, Grades 3-8

Q 181 .C52645 2017

Teaching Composition at the Two-Year College

PE 1404 .T44 2017

Literacy Development with English Learners: Research-Based Instruction in Grades K-6, Second Edition

PE 118 .A2 L532 2016

Children's Multilingual Development and Education: Fostering Linguistic Resources in Home and School Contexts

P 115.2 .B34 2016

Innovative Strategies for Heritage Language Teaching: A Practical Guide for the Classroom

P 51 .I47 2016

New eBooks - History

New eBooks - Education:

New eBooks - History

Pedagogy, Disability and Communication: Applying Disability Studies in the Classroom

Right now you can read it for five minutes, and then request that we purchase permanent access.  Some of our ebooks are set up that way so that we only buy what is actually needed.

Adolescent Literacies

You can read this book free for five minutes, then put in a request for additional access.  Some of our ebooks are handled this way to make sure that we are only paying for what is actually needed.