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Digital Content Design: Interlibrary Loan (ILLIAD)

InterLibrary Loan

Click below for the Interlibrary Loan Form


Interlibrary Loan


The library does not have access to every book or article printed. You can still receive it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

The ILL staff processes your order, sends it to other libraries, and is examined by staff at the other library. An article can take a minimum of 2-3 business days to arrive to your email account. A print book can take a week or more to arrive, since it's sent via a Texas university library courier system or the United States Post Office mail, if the lending university library is outside of Texas.

Most requests are free. But if you need something that is not common, you might have to pay a fee to borrow it. The ILL staff will notify you if you need to pay.

When you pick up the book or article that has a fee, you can pay at the Circulation Desk; cash or checks are accepted. If you want to pay with a credit card, you must pay at the Cashier's Office in the One-Stop Shop in the Administration Building during regular working hours



  • You can pick up the print book at the Circulation Desk during regular working hours. Please bring your P2 to check out the book.
  • If you are based in Longview or Palestine, your book will be taken to the library over there. You do not need to come to Tyler to pick it up.
  • Exception: If you are a a DISTANCE STUDENT, we can mail the book to your home. Please indicate your status on the request form. When you return the book, you will have a pre-paid postage stamp on the envelope, which you can drop off at the nearest Post Office.



  • Go to this site.
  • Your address is where you can receive mail from the U.S. Post Office. If you have an office assigned to you, you may use that address as your mailing address. You must fill in a valid mailing address, even if you will be picking up books at the library.
  • The library does not give out your personal information to anyone.



  • If you find a book or article that the library does not own, you will see this icon:  . The ILL request form will be autofilled. You just need to enter the cost that you will pay. Most users enter $0 .
  • Sometimes an article  will have  icon, but the article does not appear. You will have to manually fill in the article information.



  • Due Date is noted on your slip.
  • $2.00/ day, payable at the Circulation Desk.
  • DISTANCE STUDENTS: Try to mail your book back before the due date. Contact the ILL Office, if you have any issues.



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