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Hello! Welcome to the Construction Management research guide at the UT Tyler library.

This guide is designed to inform the UT Tyler Construction Management Community about resources for studies in all aspects of the Construction Management degree program.


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Special or holiday hours.

Quick Guide Rundown

Here is some of what you'll find in this guide:

Books - links to find books & other monographic works.

Databases - links to scholarly databases. 

Construction Costs & Codes - links to databases and online resources about construction codes

Construction Materials links to databases and online resources about construction materials data

Engineering Writing- information to write a research paper, lab report, presentation, or poster.

Engineering Standards - information on where and how to find engineering standards

Statistics- information and links to help with statistics

Software - how to obtain Wolfram Mathematica and other software for personal use.

Study Guides - books to assist in solving problems specifically for the classes related to construction management

Technical Reports & Conference Papers-  information on where and how to find engineering technical reports

Web Resources - links to professional organizations and websites with technical reports.



Engineering is...

“Engineering is the art of applying science, mathematics, and creativity to solve technological problems. The accomplishments of engineering can be seen in nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from transportation to communications, and entertainment to health care. And, although each of these applications is unique, the process of engineering is largely independent. This process begins by carefully analyzing a problem, intelligently designing a solution for that problem, and efficiently transforming that design solution into physical reality.”

Cahall, S. C. (2004). Engineering. In K. L. Lerner & B. W. Lerner (Eds.), The Gale Encyclopedia of Science (3rd ed., Vol. 2, pp. 1481-1482). Detroit: Gale.

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