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Health and Kinesiology: Databases

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Where to begin?

(Image Credit: CDC / Amanda Mills)

Databases vary, for example in terms of their scope, focus, and size. The field of health is also very interdisciplinary, so where to begin should be determined by the specific information need. Begin the search in the database most relevant to the topic. Generally in kinesiology and health science, PubMed/MEDLINE or SPORTDiscus will be good to start with. Remember to search more than just one database.

Databases listed here have been listed according to the database's primary focus and grouped together accordingly. This list is based on the library's current subscriptions.

Depending on the topic, it may be beneficial to search databases primarily considered to be under another subject. Although a sample of databases in other disciplines has been listed on this page, this list is not complete. For example, to research health care economics, it would be beneficial to check out the available resources for business and economics that may not necessarily be listed here.

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Trying to Locate a Dissertation or Thesis?

Check out the Theses & Dissertations Page of this Guide for information on applicable databases.


Anatomy Models

Behavioral Measurement and Testing Instruments

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Complementary/Natural/Alternative Health

Consumer Health


Health Care Administration

Patient Education


Sports and Sports Medicine

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