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Mathematics: Remote Access

Remote Database Login

Accessing the Databases Off Campus 

Authorized Access Only

Off campus access to the library's subscription databases is password secured and restricted to currently enrolled UT Tyler students, current UT Tyler faculty & staff.¹ 

Password-Protected Access

 Off campus database access requires a login: your Patriots Credentials


Your remote access database login (Patriots Credentials) is the same login used to access your Blackboard and Patriots Email accounts.

So if you know your Blackboard/Patriots email login, and are currently enrolled in UT Tyler classes, you already know your remote access database login!


¹ This includes current preceptors working for the School of Pharmacy and the Nursing Department.


Troubleshooting Remote Access Problems

When you encounter a login issue:

1) Check to make sure you are entering the login information correctly. If confident of the login, 

2) Consider updating your Patriots password. Students are required to do this every 6 months.

[The first indication it is time to update your password is often a problem accessing the databases.]

If step 2 doesn't resolve the problem,

3)  Contact the reference desk (Ph: 903. 566. 7343), explain that you have completed steps 1 & 2, and require further assistance.

If after hours, email IT Support (email: with a description of your problem [please include the word "Library" in the subject line].

New UTT User & Don't Know Patriots Login?

New users need to activate their Patriots accounts before attempting to remote access the databases.

To do so...

1) Click the My Patriot Account link [above],

2) Click the Patriot Sync button, 

3) Follow the prompts to activate your account.

Summary Access Troubleshooting Checklist

1) Entering Patriots password correctly?

2) Up to date Patriots password?

3) Get help!

Ref Desk (Ph: 903.566.7343)


IT Support (email:

Local Tech Issues that Can Affect Access

Some access issues can originate from your local context.

1) IT Firewalls at your workplace

2) Narrow Local Area Bandwidth

3) Local Area Server Speed

These issues cannot be resolved by UT Tyler system and will need to be addressed by your service provider.