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Chemistry: CHEM 3370

Resources to Assist in Selecting a Topic

Selecting a topic involves some preliminary research. These resources can assist in narrowing down the topics. Once the topic is selected, the rest of the research guide can assist in finding articles and books, storing the information about the articles or books in a citation manager, creating a reference list of all resources used, and writing the paper and presentation.

Print Books

These books are available on the 3rd floor of the library. A valid P2 card is needed to check out these books. 

Possible topics can be found in this suggested list of books. Consulting with the professor or STEM librarian can result in other topics.

Electronic Books

Login with the same username and password used to access Blackboard. If there are any access issues, please consult the Remote Access section of this Guide.

The following books are available electronically to find a topic for this class.


Please go to the Circulation Desk to request these DVDs. A P2 card is needed to check them out.

The library computers have DVD players.

Teaching STEM

These books can provide ideas about teaching STEM classes in elementary, middle, and high school.

Other Media

Online videos and magazines can provide ideas for topics. Once a topic is selected, there will be other sources of information about it. 


Photos and Charts Enhance a Paper

Any image from any article, book chapter, the database (ArtStor), or images from another database (National Library of Medicine, etc.) can be used, as long at its acknowledged in the bibliography.

This is an example from the National Library of Medicine - Images from the History of Medicine database:

Coca Wine for Fatigue of the Mind and Body