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Chemistry: Molecule Project

The Assignment

Review the assignment sheet given out by the professor. All the information about a molecule can be found from different books, websites, or articles.Many resources will need to be examined to complete the required presentations.

The Chemical Writing tab provides more information about creating a poster or presentation.

Find the Word Origin

First find out what the origin of the assigned molecule's name. Some molecules have names based on ancient Greek or Latin words or other modern languages. 


It might be necessary to refer to OED several times to find the definition.When the word is broken down, a paragraph can explain all the components of the word. 

In the following example, OED has to be examined five times to know what the origin of "Vitamin C" is.

Reliable On-Line Information

1. ACS has the Molecule of Week project.

2.The United States Government maintains several databases to inform the public about elements, molecules, and compounds. Data and images can be used for the project from Toxnet. 

The most useful databases are: HSDB, ChemIDplus, TOXMAP, Household Products Database, Haz-Map, and IRIS.


Click on the name of the SUBSTANCE, not on the name of the database, to retrieve the information.


Books in the Reference Section

These books are located in the 2nd floor, near the Reference Desk. These books must stay in the library. However, pages can be scanned.