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Biology: Books

Swoop Search - Book By Title

If the book title is known, go to the library homepage and select "Advanced Search", which is the link directly under the search box.

When the Primo search page opens, select "Library Catalog" from the pull-down menu for Search Scope.

Type the title of the book, in quotation marks, in the search field. You can change the search field to title, but it may not be necessary.

Please note that there may be multiple editions or versions of the same title. Open the record for the book to find the version you want.

Most books are considered tertiary sources. It can be written by scientists or technical writers. The material is a summary of original research or reviewed works. 

Books not owned by the library can be obtained from other libraries.. Please see the Interlibrary Loan tab for more details.

Books in the Catalog

Another way to search is to use the library catalog. Search by title phrase or subject, search by Item Type (books or ebooks).  Click on the search button to see what available in the library.

More Biology Books

Biology Reference Books - are books that must stay in the library. You can scan any pages, make a copy, or write your own notes about a topic. They contain definitions, constants, and other information. These books are located on the 2nd floor of the library, near the Reference Desk. 

UT Tyler Masters' Biology Theses are in the Institutional Repository.

Additional Books

WorldCat  provides a listing of books in the US and other countries. Type in a zip code to find a nearby library.

Books not available in the library can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

Full-Text Ebooks

Additional eBook Resources