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Zotero Citation Manager Guide: Interface

A guide for downloading, installing and getting started using the Zotero Citation Manager.

Layout of the Zotero Manager Interface

When successfully downloaded, a "Z" for Zotero will appear in the top right corner of the FireFox Toolbar.

The "Z"is the navigational link used to open the database. Clicking it once opens the database. Clicking it again collapses it.

The Zotero Citation Manager consists of three interconnected view windows: Library View, Folder View, and Record View.

1) Library view (left column) is the 'wide angle lens' that displays content at the broadest level of organization:

a. My Library - this is the main file, containing a copy of every record downloaded to the database, wheter earmarked for folders or not.

i. Retrieval tip: if you can't remember which files a record was saved to, you can find the record (if it exists in the manager) alphabetically by title in My Library.

b. Personalized folders - you can set up as many as you like. Highlighting the folder prior to downloading records earmarks them for the highlighted folder.

2) Folder View - shows the contents of folders highlighted in Library view. Every record saved to a folder is listed alphabetically by title in descending order.

3) Record view - displays the bibliographic content of a title highlighted in Folder view. This is the screen used to edit content if corrections need to be made to a record.

a. This is also the field where Notes can be attached to a record.

b. Tags can be added to aid retrieval and recall.