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Zotero Citation Manager Guide: Saving Records

A guide for downloading, installing and getting started using the Zotero Citation Manager.

Downloading Records to Zotero by Direct Export

Zotero signals the presence of records available for direct export with a format icon in the browser url window.

To save records, simply 

1. Click the format icon in the url window 

a. When viewing an individual record this will trigger its download  within seconds

2. When viewing a multi-record display, this will open a Select Items sub-window

a. The titles of all records on the database display page will appear

b. Select the records you wish to save:

i. To select individual titles, tick the boxes adjacent to the record titles and click the OK button (bottom right )

ii. To batch select all records on the page, click the Select All button (bottom left) and click the OK button (bottom right )

3. A copy of all records currently saved to the citation manager will be stored in the My Library masterfile

a. Any sub-file folder highlighted while initiating a Direct Export download will automatically save a copy of the records in question to that folder as well.

Adding Records to Zotero when Direct Export is not Available

If a format icon does not appear in the browser url of the database you are searching, that normally means Zotero direct export is not available in that database.

When  direct export  is not available (exception rather than rule in most cases), there are two options for saving records to Zotero:

1. Manually add record information using the New Item button. 

2. Create Web Page Item from Current (Web) Page - makes a web page record using embedded metadata from the page currently being viewed.

Manual add with New Item button:

1. Click the New Item button to open the brief record format menu.

2. Select and highlight the format option that matches the format of the record you wish to save.

3. Type or copy/paste the elements of the citation into the corresponding index field in the record window.

Create Web Page Item from Current Page (use only for capturing websites)

1. Click the Create Web Page Item from Current Page icon. 

2. A Web Page "dummy" record will populate with the following basic elements: title, url, and date accessed. 

3. Check and correct the title information.

4. Add any pertinent data from the web page (author, date published, website title).