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Zotero Citation Manager Guide: Installing the App

A guide for downloading, installing and getting started using the Zotero Citation Manager.

Available versions of the App

The Zotero app is available in a version that integrates with the FireFox browser, and standalone versions operating as independent "applications" for Chrome, Safari and FireFox.

The Zotero for FireFox version is the recommended version because it allows you to access and use the database within the FireFox browser. Features unique to Zotero for FireFox include:

1. Streamlined direct export from database to citation manager without ever leaving the web browser or tab from which you are currently working.

2. Unobtrusive access to the citation manager within the browser

a. Ability to access and edit Zotero records while simultaneously viewing the database you are currently using.

Downloading Zotero

Zotero was originally designed to run on the FireFox web browser. There are now stand-alone versions of Zotero for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. But none of the stand-alone versions matches Zotero for FireFox's seamless integration of features and functionality.

If you do not use FireFox but are interested in Zotero, it is highly recommended that you download and install the FireFox browser.

The following instructions cover the procedure for downloading Zotero for FireFox.


1. Google Zotero or navigate to the Zotero website:

2. Click the download link.

3. You will navigate to a Download screen with a Zotero for FireFox option in the left column and Zotero Standalone options in the right column.


4. Select the Zotero for FireFox option on the left. 

5. You will be prompted to Allow the download to FireFox (proceed)

6. A Software Installation window will open, prompting you to click the  Install button (do so).



When Zotero has finished installing, you will need to restart the FireFox browser to complete the process and begin using the manager.

Note: you can also download the Zotero for Word plugin from this page.