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UT Tyler Library RefWorks Migration Guide: Home

A guide to help UT Tyler Faculty and Students move citation records from the RefWorks citation manager to either Zotero or Mendeley.

Anticipated Changes to UT Tyler Citation Manager Subscriptions

UT Tyler Library Phase Out of RefWorks in 2014

After June 30, 2014, UT Tyler Library's subscription to the RefWorks citation manager will lapse. Current institutional users (current faculty, staff and students of UT Tyler) of this resource will no longer be able to access their accounts beyond that date.

If this change affects you, and you have saved records in RefWorks that you wish to preserve for future use, you will need to migrate them to another citation manager platform.

Going forward from June 30, 2014, UT Tyler Library will support the Zotero and Mendeley citation managers.

Zotero is an intuitive citation manager that many find easier to use, easier to master, and possessing a simpler user interface than RefWorks.

Mendeley has a similar look and feel to RefWorks. It is another free web based citation manager. 

Instructions for migrating from RefWorks to Zotero or Mendeley are included in the adjacent tabs.


Prerequisite: If you do not already have not downloaded the Zotero for FireFox app, you will need to do so before proceding with the migration.

Instructions for downloading the Zotero for FireFox app are available in the Zotero Citation Manager Guide:

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