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Guide for a My EBSCOhost Account: Creating a Search Alert

Reviews Storage and Research Management Tools available with a My EBSCOhost account

Creating a Search Alert

What is a search alert?

A search alert is a service that automatically re-runs saved searches and retrieves any new topically relevant records added to the database since the search was last performed. 

If staying current with research in an ongoing project is important to your research goals, search alerts are a great low-investment, high yield way to do so. 


Anyone with a MyEBSCOHost account can create a search alert.

But you must have access to an EBSCOhost database in order to create a MyEBSCHost account.

This requires affiliation with an institution that subscribes EBSCO databases.  

Getting Started

To create a search alert...

1. Log in to an EBSCOHost database & Sign in to your MyEBSCOHost account.

2. Enter and perform a search you wish to save/re-run.

3. Locate and click the Search History link (located beneath the search boxes).

4. Locate and click the Save Searches/Alerts link.

5. Enter your MyEBSCOHost login and click the Login button to access your account.

6. In Folder List, name the search alert (optional) in the top text box, then locate the Save Search As field and select "Alert.

7. Select the Frequency (the alerts will run; daily-monthly), the Coverage scope (articles published in previous month to previous year), and Duration of the Alert.¹

8. Under the Alert Results Format menu, select the level of information you wish to receive in your search alert:

a. Brief view provides just the citation information and a link to the article record in the database.

b.  Detailed view provides  the complete indexing information found in the Detailed (or full) bibliographic record for the article.

9. In the E-mail Address text box [located in the E-mail Properties field], enter the email address where you wish to receive your alerts.

10. Click the Save button to activate your new search alert.


¹ Note: 1 year is the maximum duration of an alert.

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