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Guide for a My EBSCOhost Account: Saving Citations: Sort As You Go

Reviews Storage and Research Management Tools available with a My EBSCOhost account

Ways to Save EBSCO Records

Navigational Key

Batch Save

Sort As You Go (Current)

Use the links in this box or drop down menu (above) to navigate to the instruction page for the save option you wish to learn more about.

Saving Citations: Sort As You Go

Sort as you go saving allows you to file records into folders as you search. 

Sort As You Go Procedure

1) Access an EBSCO database of choice and sign in to your My EBSCOhost account.

2) Perform a search and click the blue (empty) folder icons for any records of interest.

a) This will open an active file folders menu.

i. Select  My Folder (if you have not yet created a folder destination for the record(s) in question).¹

ii. Select the appropriate folder destination if you already have a saved file folder in mind.

3) Navigate to the Folder View screen either by

a) clicking the Folder link (blue utility header) or

b) clicking the Folder View link (bottom Folder has items menu, right column).

4) In My Folder, scroll down the the left column (past the My Folder options at top) to My Custom & click the New (folder) icon/link.

a) This will open a Create New Folder template

b) Give your new folder an appropriate name and click the Save button to create the folder

5) In My Folder: Articles, select the record(s) you wish to  move to your designated folder by clicking...

a) Copy To (creates a copy record in your custom file while retaining the original copy in My Folder: Articles)

i. Select the folder destination to initiate.

b) Move To (shifts the original record to the designated custom folder and deletes the record from My Folder: Articles)

i. Select the folder destination to initiate.

6) Click the Back link to return to the search screen and continue perusing records or perform another search.


¹ The remainder of this procedural outline will focus on creating custom folders and moving records from My Folder to custom folders.