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Guide for a My EBSCOhost Account: Sharing Folders for Group Work

Reviews Storage and Research Management Tools available with a My EBSCOhost account

Folder Sharing for Collaborative Research

Bibliographic File Sharing - An Effective Tool for Collaborative Research

Team-based research projects require the collaborative sharing of information gathered independently by separate group members.

Bibliographic file sharing is a quick and effective way to disseminate search results to all members of a research team.

Bibliographic file sharing is available through course management software like Blackboard as well as most citation managers (Zotero, Mendeley, etc.).

So this feature isn't unique to My EBSCOhost. 

But having a My EBSCOhost account provides a quick & easy way of sharing EBSCO-derived file content with collaborators on projects.

Getting Started

To share My EBSCOhost folders...

1. Access an EBSCOhost database and sign in to your My EBSCOhost account.

2. Click the Folder link to access your custom folders.

3. Scroll down the folders menu (left-hand column) to the My Custom? window.

4. Locate and select the custom folder you wish to share.

a. Clicking the folder link or icon opens a drop menu with options to [Edit] or [Share] the folder's content.

5. Select the [Share] link for the folder.

6. Enter the email addresses of each group member to be targeted for this file share (remembering to separate each new email address with a semicolon).

7. Use the Message box to enter any text communication you wish to include regarding the folder [optional]. 

8. Click the Invite button to forward your addressees an invitation to add the shared folder to their custom folders. 

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