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Guide for a My EBSCOhost Account: Search Alerts

Reviews Storage and Research Management Tools available with a My EBSCOhost account

How Can I Use Search Alerts?

Search Alerts can help you keep up with...

1. Scholarly publishing on a topic,

2. The publishing of specific authors (author alerts),

3. The content of specific journals (contents alerts).

Duration of Search Alerts

Search Alerts have a Shelf-Life (1-year max activation)

Search Alerts expire after one year.

To continue receiving an alert, it must be renewed annually.

When Do I Renew an Alert?

You will receive email notification when it is time to renew your search alert.

How do I Renew an Alert?

Click the Renewing an Alert link to navigate to instructions for renewing expiring alerts. 

What happens if I let an alert lapse?

The alert is wiped from your My EBSCOhost account and goes away. 

If this happens you will need to re-set the alert [re-run the search & set up a new alert for the topic].

Search Alerts Key

Navigational Key

Creating a Search Alert (current)

Viewing a Search Alert

Renewing a Search Alert

Click the above links to toggle between Search Alert pages in this guide.