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Guide for a My EBSCOhost Account: Account Set Up

Reviews Storage and Research Management Tools available with a My EBSCOhost account

Setting up a MY EBSCOhost Account

Creating an account is quick and simple:

1) Locate and click the Sign In link in the EBSCO utility bar

2) At the login screen, locate and click the Create a new Account link

3) Complete the electronic application form and click Save Changes to register your new account

Note: Your User Name must be unique. You cannot register a user name already in use. If you choose a user name someone else has already registered, you will be prompted to revise it.

Suggestion: numerals, capitalization and other characters can assist you in crafting a unique user name.


My EBSCOHost Login- NOT a Database login

My EBSCOhost is NOT Your Remote Access Database Login

My EBSCOhost is a vendor-supplied service for preserving search strategies and article records. 

But your My EBSCOhost ID and Login password does not work as a database login. 

You have to be logged in already in order to sign in to your My EBSCOhost account.

Remote Database Access Via Patriots Password Alone 

The only way to access UT Tyler databases from off campus is with your Patriots user ID and password.

If you are a currently enrolled UT Tyler student, staff or faculty member, your Patriots ID is the same as your Patriots email or Blackboard login.  


Obtaining a My EBSCOhost account

Signing in to My EBSCOhost requires creation of your own account.

Follow the instructions in the Account Set Up tab to get started.