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Guide for a My EBSCOhost Account: What is My EBSCOHost?

Reviews Storage and Research Management Tools available with a My EBSCOhost account

My EBSCOhost: Your personal database account

What it is...

My EBSCOhost is a personal vendor account you can set up.

What it does...

A My EBSCOhost account allows you to:

• Customize and permanently save Result Display Settings

• Save citations to personal research folders within the database

• Share research folders with others (collaborative projects)

• View other's folders

• Preserve useful search strategies

• Create Search Alerts to stay current with research in specified fields

• Download EBSCO ebook pdfs for short term offline loans

You can access My EBSCOhost from any EBSCO database¹ and save citations from any EBSCO database to folders within your My EBSCOhost account.


¹ Any EBSCO database to which UT Tyler has current subscription access.

My EBSCOhost Pros and Cons

Benefits of having an Account

• An option for saving article references and full text links (citation managers like Zotero, Mendeley, etc. do this as well).

• Easy to share EBSCO-derived file content with members of a project group.

• Handy for preserving effective database search strategies for future reference.

• Necessary to access EBSCO ebook content offline.

• Search Alerts! -  an account allows you to create search alerts that re-run saved searches, allowing you to update bibliographies for long-term projects.

Downsides of My EBSCOhost

Vendor-specific product tied to institutional subscription. 

1. Can't save searches or records from non-EBSCO databases to your account.

2. Tied to institutional affiliation.

a. If you cease to be affiliated with an EBSCO-subscribing institution, you lose access to your account & content.

Limited record processing functionality in comparison to a citation manager.

1. Can't create batch bibliographies or in text citations (Zotero, Mendely & other citation managers do).

Most beneficial for students...

• in group project work,

doing long-term projects (thesis/dissertation studies),

needing offline access to EBSCO ebook content.