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Hola! Bienvenido to the General Spanish research guide at the UT Tyler library.

This guide is designed to inform the UT Tyler Spanish Community about resources for studies in all aspects of general Spanish.


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Quick Guide Rundown

Here is some of what is found in this guide:

Databases - links to scholarly databases. 

Books - links to find books & other monographic works.

Web Resources - links to professional organizations, online papers of pioneers in technology, and initiatives.

Gramatica - grammar examples and dictionaries

Interlibrary Loan - requesting materials from other libraries.

MLA - citations.

Remote Access - tips for navigating off campus access & resolving problems.

Medical Spanish - resources for medical personnel and translators.





"Spanish is spoken by upwards of 300 million people in Latin America, where it is the official language of eighteen countries and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In spite of the fact that it has been the first language of far-flung communities ranging over thousands of miles for some five centuries, Latin American Spanish is remarkably homogeneous—especially in its morphology and syntax—and all varieties are mutually intelligible.

Carried bodily into southern Spain with the Reconquest, the language of fifteenth-century Castile continued on to the New World during a period of intense intercultural contact and internal linguistic change. Many of the features shared by Andalusian, Canarian, and Latin American varieties are undoubtedly the result of "dialect leveling," whereby tenuous linguistic distinctions tend to be lost."



Morgan, Terrell A. "Spanish Language." Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture. Ed. Jay Kinsbruner and Erick D. Langer. 2nd ed. Vol. 5. Detroit: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2008. 923-925. Gale Virtual Reference Library.

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