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Research guide for sociology.


Hello! Welcome to the Sociology research guide at the UT Tyler library.

This guide is designed to inform you about resources for your studies in all aspects of sociology.

Please be aware that some links in this guide will link out to other UT Tyler guides, databases, and other Internet sources in new browser tabs.

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What is sociology?

Sociology is a broad field of study examining the many aspects of human society. Common topics studied in sociology include age, race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, education, income, religion, popular culture, health, population, and more. Sociology offers critical analyses driven by both quantitative and qualitative data to explore how society is organized, structured, and affected by these topics.

The social elements of any issue, topic, or subject can be studied via sociology. Sociology overlaps in a lot of ways with other fields such as psychology, anthropology, criminal justice, political science, and more. Though much sociological research is interdisciplinary, it is always grounded in social theory and methodology with an aim of investigating macro-level social norms, values, functions, processes, influences, experiences, and outcomes.

Sociology is not the same as "social sciences" or "social studies." Sociology is a part of these, but they encompass any field that involves a social aspect (including economics, business, geography, history, etc.) Sociology specifically is the scientific study of how human society is organized and how social structures and institutions develop and are maintained. Subareas of study within sociology are specialized and may deviate from the general definition.

Also, sociology is not the same as "social work," though they do share some similarities.

Here are a few links to learn more about what kind of work sociologists perform:

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